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Nuclear Power: the Real Clean Energy?

National Public Radio conducted an interview with Stewart Brand, a longtime environmentalist. He discussed the environmental footprint of nuclear power versus the footprint of solar and wind, among other interesting facts.Click here to go to the NPR website to hear audio or read the transcript of the interview, which took place on February 20, 2010.

Living With Turbines

Click here to view a news story on turbine development in a community similar to ours.

Click here for another great link showing the visual impact of 400-foot turbines with 1,100-foot setbacks when placed near homes(Champaign County's proposed turbines are 492-feet to give you some idea of the visual impact of the turbines that will possibly be coming here).

Resource: Urbana Ohio Research

From the website of Urbana Ohio Research (link no longer available):

"Urbana Ohio Research is composed of a small group of international graduate researchers specializing in rural and urban planning, urban design and economic development.

We are currently conducting research regarding the socio-economic impacts of the Buckeye Wind/Everpower/Terra Firma wind development anticipated to be established in Logan, Union and Champaign (LUC) counties in Ohio.

The socio-economic impacts of the LUC wind development provide a research model to conduct advanced research aimed to inform future international planning policies, maximize socio-economic returns for communities, create genuine opportunities for democratic control, encourage community engagement and economic participation.

The project details of the LUC wind development were used to create an economic development model using the publicly available development application and other resources to determine the following local socio-econom…