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Abandoned Wind Turbines Worries Officials

Abandoned wind turbines worry officials

by Associated Press


Posted on October 23, 2010 at 4:44 PM

Updated yesterday at 11:32 AM

BURLEY, Idaho -- Cassia County officials in southern Idaho are considering an ordinance that would require wind turbines to be decommissioned by their owners and not the county should the turbines stop turning a profit.

The Times-News reports that County Commissioner Paul Christensen has asked planning and zoning to start drafting an ordinance to handle such problems in the future.

Planning and Zoning administrator Kerry McMurray says dismantling one of the turbines would be expensive.

The turbines can be up to 328 feet tall with 100-foot-long blades and profitable life spans of up to 20 years.

McMurray says if the towers were abandoned due to bankruptcy, removing them would be the responsibility of the property owners.

McMurray says most landowners probably couldn't afford that.