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Wind Companies as Environmentalists?

Big Wind likes to claim that they are installing massive turbines because of their interest in pro-environmental causes. But the AWEA, Big Wind's biggest lobby, tells a different story.

Wind industry group opposes federal guidelines to protect birds

The American Wind Energy Association Industry said it will oppose plans by a federal agency to adopt voluntary regulations on wind developers to protect birds and other wildlife.

AWEA said in a release that more than 34,000 MW of potential wind power development, $68 billion in investment and 27,000 jobs are at risk due to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service policies on golden eagles.

"Those numbers are expected to grow exponentially with analysis of the full scope of the proposed guidelines," AWEA said.

Two Fish and Wildlife Service documents offer guidelines for utility-scale and community-scale wind energy facilities to, according to the agency, "avoid and minimize" negative impacts to fish, wildlife, plants and their habi…