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URGENT: Don't Miss Tomorrow Night's Meeting

Friends & Neighbors, tomorrow night presents a great opportunity to make your voice heard. PLEASE take the time to attend this meeting (details listed below) and advocate for your own rights and interests as residents of our beloved community. Employees of EverPower are paid to represent the interests of Big Wind and continue to try to compare the proposed project in Champaign County to wind development taking place elsewhere, but the truth is, there is no project comparable to Champaign County when it comes to placing these 50-story industrial machines in residential areas. State "experts" are coming to discuss the wind farm in Van Wert County but that particular project is irrelevant to what is proposed for our county, as you can see from the statistics below. The four townships where the turbines are proposed in Champaign County have a MUCH greater concentration of residents (and significant population growth) than the parallel townships in Van Wert County.
Pro-wind a…