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County, three townships ask for wind amendment rehearing

From the Urbana Daily Citizen, March 21st, 2014
By Nick Walton

Four Champaign County political subdivisions applied to the Ohio Power Siting Board Thursday asking the board to rehear and reconsider an amendment to the first phase of the Buckeye Wind Farm project.

The four entities seeking a rehearing are the Champaign County Commission and townships of Goshen, Union and Urbana.

In their application for rehearing, the entities express concern about the board’s failure to set forth adequate protection for the county’s infrastructure and other interests related to the project’s development.

Last month the board approved the amendment filed by project applicant EverPower last March.

The amendment to the first phase of the turbine project proposed to adjust the project’s construction staging areas, move one staging area 1.3 miles west, shift the project substation by 1,000 feet, add a new access road, modify four previously approved access roads and move the e…