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A Layout of the Amended Project

Do you want to see where the turbines are located in the amended project?

The proposed turbines are 492 ft. tall, an important factor in considering how EverPower/Buckeye Wind plans to place their industrial machines.

Click HEREfor the link to the map on the OPSB site.

Reader Disputes Pro-EverPower Letter

File Photo from Madison Press
Published in the Urbana Daily Citizen, March 15, 2018...

A huge thank you to Bob and Barbara Behling for representing the truth!

This letter is in response to the March 10 letter in the Urbana Daily Citizen concerning the coal and wind industries. About 10 years ago we met with an EverPower representative and considered signing a turbine lease. We knew nothing about turbines at the time, but our subsequent research convinced us, without a doubt, that wind turbines did not belong close to homes. We realized that eastern Champaign County was too populated for these massive structures to be safely operated. After 10 years, we still believe that. The writer asks why there is a flurry of anti-wind activity in Champaign County at this time. It is because when EverPower filed a December 2017 amendment to the Champaign County project, maps with the proposed turbine locations were included. Admittedly, none of the turbines were in new locations. However, when resid…