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Letter to the Editor: January 29, 2018

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Resident says Rush Twp. trustees letting down their constituents

I am writing to voice my opinion on wind turbines coming into our community. I chose to live here with my husband in 2011 when we relocated from Massachusetts. We specifically wanted to be “far from the maddening crowd” of big city life. Rural Woodstock fit the bill. I only wish we had done more due diligence on the county before we committed as we did not realize the magnitude of the turbine projects slated to be constructed. My husband and I were appalled at the sneaky ways that Everpower used to get what they wanted from non-disclosure agreements, misrepresentation of facts, setbacks, and skewed data. Sadly, the once-friendly community has made enemies of longtime friends. Let’s not forget the few who spoke up in disagreement as abutters, only to be duped into signing a “Good Neighbor” agreement for a mere pittance. You cannot put a price on family, health, and community. But Everpower did.
Wind turbines do not belong in an area where there are homes in close proximity. Studies across the nation and globally have pointed this out time and again. Now that the project has been reduced by more the 50 percent – thanks to the efforts of UNU – the plan for the remaining turbines is to install newer, untested models that have a much larger blade span with above ground transmission lines. Let’s not forget that the installation requirement will impact and damage our roads. Then there is the issue of blinking lights, shadow flicker, and noise. These things are behemoths and to think they run silently is ludicrous.
A newly-formed group, named “Champaign County Townships United,” has been formed to continue where UNU left off and documents have been filed with the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB). Of particular concern is that one township chose not to petition to intervene in the amended Buckeye Wind case – Rush Township. The trustees of Rush Township have chosen not to serve the community but to serve the few large landowners referred to in documents as “leaseholders.” I hope everyone remembers this when it comes time to vote.
Paula Higgins
Rush Township

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